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Saved Enchantments


Enchantment Finder

Tier Enchantment

Algorithm uses 3 and 4 items (Reagents) for Tier 1. This will change in the future. For Tier 2, it uses an additional 5th item. Tier 3 probably is not achievable yet. We'll check it in the future.

Slot Enchantment

Armor: helmets, armors, gloves and boots

Necklace: all necklaces

Weapon: all weapons and shields

Enchantment Type

Click to select enchantment type.

Choose Enchant Type

Reagents List

You can unselect/select reagents by clicking each of them. Since the number of reagents has been increased (there are billions of calculations), it is best to deselect all of them and select only the ones you are interested in. However, we're thinking about a solution in the future.